Pumping Moms Must-Have List for Better Breastpumping


You’ve asked for it so I’ll make it quick and easy. What did I quickly grab off of Amazon when I realized my life had handed me the path of exclusively pumping? What do I keep stocked up on so that exclusively pumping is as seamless as possible? Here’s the quick list for pumping moms:breast pumping list-min.png

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Learning to be One of the Pumping Moms

There were so many things to quickly learn when pumping entered my life. It was in the hospital, going between the NICU and our home, when I learned to exclusively pump. After directly nursing my son for 16+ months, I had only pumped to go out and that was rare. When our daughter was born with a cleft palate, pumping became one more thing on the list to learn in the chaos. I became one of the pumping moms unexpectedly.

It started with learning how long it takes for milk to come in, then I learned to maximize my flange size, set up a pumping schedule, how to store/freeze/thaw/feed, and how to still get some sleep and take care of my two little ones.

Hours were spent on Google and following my favorite Instagram accounts related to pumping. After awhile, it became a part of me and my family but not without the help of some of the products that made it possible.

What You Need in Your Pumping Bag

Bottle Drying Rack
Take out some of the time by using a bottle drying rack between uses.

Dishwasher Basket
Not all pump and feeding parts are dishwasher friendly, but many are and you can save yourself some time washing.

Quick Sanitizing Wipes
Pumping on the go or at work? These quick sanitizing wipes give you the clean you need without finding a weird sink at a gas station or your employee lounge.

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Milk Bag Storage Organizer

Freezing breastmilk? This storage organizer helps you store efficiently. I bet it’s Marie Kondo approved.

Nipple Butter
Pumping brings nipple pain just like direct nursing does. Refresh your girls with nipple butter to help ease your experience.

Deep Freezer

If you have over supply or more than enough milk, invest in a deep freezer so that you can keep that milk for the weeks or months down the road (or donate it to other babies!)

Manual Pump (Great for back up!)
While I highly recommend a double electric pump for the majority of the time, sometimes you need a back up or aren’t near power and this manual will save the day!

Milk Storage Bags
That milk has to go somewhere!

Simple Wishes Hands Free Pumping Bra

Hands free pumping is a non-negotiable. Get more done while pumping!

Car Adaptor
One of my top tips for pumping is to pump on the go. For me, that meant pumping while driving. On the way to the store? Pump. School drop off? Pump. Driving to or from work? Pump!

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Learning to Embrace the Unexpected

Pumping is sometimes planned and sometimes unexpected. No matter your path to pumping, it is so important to havethe support both from people and products to make it happen. Pumping moms are a special kind of moms and I want to say I am proud of you!

There you have it! Follow the links to fill your Amazon cart with ways to make pumping simpler for you!

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