Can Good Moms Smoke Weed? Interview with Weed Mom

Do good moms smoke weed? Interview with Weed Mom.

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Top 10 Best Gift for New Moms (That Aren’t Things)

Now that the baby is here, a new mom starts to see what she really needs. The gifts from the baby shower are nice. The cute decorations and onesies look adorable. But, there are things that cannot be held in your hands or hung in the nursery. These are gifts for new moms that are… Continue reading Top 10 Best Gift for New Moms (That Aren’t Things)

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Resigning From Your Job After Baby

Amy's Story About Work After Baby The decision whether to maintain employment after having a baby or resigning from the workplace is a deeply personal one, guided by all manner of individual circumstances. I firmly believe there is no singular right answer for everyone; however, I spent a year after the birth of my son… Continue reading Resigning From Your Job After Baby

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Baby with a Birth Defect: Did I Cause This?

What did I do wrong? This is the first thought I had when the doctor came in to tell my husband and I that our second child had a birth defect. (Learn more about the most common birth defects in this post for Zulily.) I remember the doctor coming in after our 20-week anatomy scan… Continue reading Baby with a Birth Defect: Did I Cause This?

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Mom Guilt: Why it’s Bullsh*t and How to Give it the Middle Finger

When you bring up the term “mom guilt” women will open up about their story: Working mom guilt, stay at home mom guilt, single mom guilt, daycare guilt, household guilt. There are so many things we can feel guilty about as new moms.

Today we’re talking more about this guilt, where it comes from and how we can work to overcome mom guilt so that we can be more present and confident in motherhood.

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Friendship After Baby: Making and Keeping Mom Friends

Having a baby can create changes in friendships. When you are parenting a newborn, you need different kinds of friends to support you. Making and keeping mom friends almost feels like dating. Below we discuss the ways friendships change after baby and making friends as a new mom.

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Alternatives to Tampons and Pads: Making the Switch to Better Period Products

What I don’t remember anyone talking about is how standard brands of tampons and pads can be full of toxins, how uncomfortable they can be, how the fill up landfills and how there are actually other options. To be fair, “other” options weren’t as prevalent at that time, but you’re in luck because now there are so many more options for how you treat your vagina well and honor the feminine time.


Mombod Aboard: Have the Fun With Your Kids Without Worry

Suit up. That’s right, put the suit on. Sit in the sun. Put your toes in the sand. Splash with your little ones. Go to the party. Go to the lessons. Go to the park. Jump in the deep end. Because what your kids will remember most, what they need most out of their moms, is not fitting some outward society expectation, but connecting in meaningful ways.

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Baby Blues or Postpartum Depression? How to Figure Out What You Are Experiencing

Feeling down after having your baby? Curious if you’re suffering from postpartum depression or if what you’re feeling is normal in early postpartum?

No matter what, you deserve support. This chart will help you decide if you’re dealing with baby blues or if you need to get doctor help for postpartum depression.