Postpartum After Infant Loss: One Mom’s Story of Changes

Here’s the thing: there is no helpful thing to say when someone dies, especially someone’s child. You can’t take away the pain, you can’t make them forget. You won’t make people sad by talking about the one they lost. Some people seem caught off guard when I talk about Silas or being pregnant with him in normal conversation. But I can’t act as if Silas never existed. Silas is real, he grew inside of me for 9 months, I held him in my arms and kissed his sweet newborn head, smelling his yummy newborn smell.

Postpartum During Coronavirus: The Unique Struggle Of New Moms In 2020

Hey momma, I know this isn’t what you had in mind. Chances are when you envisioned bringing a baby into the world, you didn’t envision this.

You did the work.

You took the classes.

You prepared the nursery. A

nd yet here you are in the middle of a worldwide pandemic during a season of your life that is supposed to be full of joy and community.

Joy and community are still here, it just might look a little different.

Baby Blues or Postpartum Depression? How to Figure Out What You Are Experiencing

Feeling down after having your baby? Curious if you’re suffering from postpartum depression or if what you’re feeling is normal in early postpartum?

No matter what, you deserve support. This chart will help you decide if you’re dealing with baby blues or if you need to get doctor help for postpartum depression.

Pumping Moms Must-Have List for Better Breastpumping

Get all the supplies you need for successful and easier breast pumping straight from this amazon shopping list made by an exclusive pumper. These breast pumping accessories will help you be successful in breast pumping.

Inducing Lactation and Being Postpartum as the Non-Birthing Mom

When you are the non-birthing parent in the relationship, postpartum can look different. In this post, Amy shares how she induced lactation to create a bond with her baby after her partner gave birth.

Being Postpartum After Delivering a Stillbirth Baby

It was so hard to feel like I could relate to moms because my baby wasn’t with me physically. I went through all of that and can’t compare anything besides how sore my vagina was. Emotionally, and mentally I was lost. It physically hurt to look at other moms with babies.

Being on in an Infertility Story With Chronic Illness

How does chronic illness impact postpartum? How does rounds of fertility treatments, IUIs and IVF impact you after baby comes? Amanda shares her story of postpartum as a mom which chronic illness, Crohns disease.

5 Must-Know Tips for Exclusive Pumping While Traveling

5 Tips for Pumping while Traveling. What to pack for pumping, how to talk to family about pumping, what to know about pumping when you are traveling.

Infertility Journey: Wishing to be Postpartum

What does it feel like to wait over a year for a positive pregnancy test? Amber shares her story of infertility and waiting to become a mom.

Infertility, Vanishing Twin and Postpartum

After grad school, I settled into my career and got ready for the next chapter of my life…and it never came. I was pretty embarrassed, ashamed, and disappointed.

Postpartum Anxiety: 8 Things Everyone Needs to Know

When I first became a mom, I felt isolated and was in survival mode. I was not prepared to feel the dark and complex emotions.

Postpartum Mom Recovery with a Baby in the NICU

A NICU mom is choosing whether to rest and let her body heal or venture down long halls to sit in uncomfortable chairs and (maybe) snuggle her child with cords. Sometimes the snuggling isn’t even an option and she watches, through an isolet, as she hopes her baby hears her voice and feels her love. ⁣

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