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How Do I Get My Husband to Help More with the Baby?

Being the default parent means that care and decisions default to you. Some may use the term “primary parent.” When discussing this, we are referring to the mental, physical, emotional, and logistical care that goes into parenthood and how that may or may not be split between parents in a partnership.

If you are feeling like you are the “default parent” you might say or feel things like:

Ways partner can help

7 Ways Your Partner Can Step In After Baby

If you bring a baby into this world with a partner, it is a full-family change. It’s easy to feel like the load falls more on the mom, but there are many ways a partner can help after you bring home your baby. Having husband, wife, or partner support after having a baby is so …

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5 Great Ways to Tell Your Partner You’re Pregnant

So you have confirmed all of the early pregnancy signs and are ready to share the news. It is time to make a pregnancy announcement and tell your partner that you are pregnant. You might be excited. You may be nervous. Or, you may not know how you feel yet. No matter how you feel …

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You Need Boundaries After Baby

Have you ever felt mean or even “bitchy” for needing and setting boundaries? Especially as women, we are often raised to be people pleasers. And yet, this is exhausting and doesn’t take our needs and desires into consideration. It is important to be a kind and giving person, but in order to truly do that, you need to establish boundaries.

Marriage After Baby: 5 Communication Tips to Save Your Relationship

By being purposeful about communicating your postpartum experience to your partner, you can improve the postpartum relationship and be a team in postpartum recovery.

Working Together with Your Partner After Baby

These 5 communication tips just might help you increase understanding, decrease assumptions, be efficient and purposeful and enjoy your time together as a family more and be a team with your partner.

Sex After Baby: The Groove

You get to the bedroom and you start to undress the mombod you’ve acquired. Maybe this feels invigorating, but for many women, this comes with a lot of overwhelming feelings. Maybe you’re experiecing painful sex or anxiety around it. You’re not alone! Postpartum sex is a topic we don’t always talk about, but we should! We are all going through it!

Marriage After Kids: It’s Harder

“Seeing your husband as a dad will make you fall more in love with him!” Yeah, I mean, that’s true, but you know what’s also true? Adding kids to the family makes you doubt yourself, your partner, your relationship and more.

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