Keeping the Spark 

with Chelsea Skaggs

Membership community bringing you:
Less Arguments.
More (good) Sex.

Say hello to your strongest relationship ever.

Keeping the Spark

What if the "hard conversations" were easier and more fun?
What if you spent more time enjoying your kids alongside your partner?

What if you were a stronger team with less stress and more (good) sex?

What You'll Achieve IN our membership:

1. Understand your roots and expectations around marriage, parenting, and partnership.
-Explore how your upbringing and culture impacts your current expectations. Have empowered conversations with your partner about any similarities and differences you brought to the relationship. 

2. Get clear on your personal and family values, goals, and expectations

-With our prompts, guides, and conversations you will get more clarity about who you are and what you want as an indvidual, a couple, and a family. This will make decisions and priorities easier to navigate, resulting in less conflict and dissatisfaction. 

3. Increase your communication skills to build more confidence and connection together.
-Communication is a skill that must continue to be practiced, especially after a big transition. Poor communication can lead to lack of confidence and less opportunities to connect- but working on your skills will make those things sky rocket!

Making "hard" conversations less taboo

Here, you realize you aren't the only ones and you aren't broken. You get to learn with and from other couples in a safe, authentic, connected space and have the taboo conversations you've been WISHING you could talk about.

Live monthly calls with other parents

Group coaching is a great way to get new ideas and strategies for your relationship. Plus, seeing coaching in action allows you to learn from other people's shares. Each month includes a teaching and a Q&A.

Prompts that take the mental load off of you

I know you don't have the time and energy to come up with what to talk about and what to do- which is why I take the guess work out. Weekly prompts give you a foundation to start the conversations and take the action steps without the mental load of planning. 

Trainings and video vault to keep you growing together

Coming up against a challenge?  We have you covered with our member-only video vault and bi-weekly live trainings in the private community.

Just because society jokes that "marriage sucks after kids" doesn't mean that has to be true for you.

Kids bring out change and growth and if you want to, you can use this season to become your best self and a kickass team with your partner.

-Chelsea Skaggs

working on your marriage helps your kids

If you wait for the perfect time to improve your marriage, it won't come. 

If you create the perfect time, you can live it out for the rest of your life.

You get to start now. You get to choose growth now. You get to prioritize your relationship so that you have a strong foundation for yourself, your partner, and your kids NOW. 

It should be a no-brainer that after kids we have a space to redefine ourselves and our relationship. 

It shouldn't take the threat of divorce or a major blow out for you to invest in taking intentionally growing in your relationship.

What Others Say about coaching with Chelsea:


It's amazing how different things have been! I feel a connection that I haven't felt in awhile. There has been a significant decrease in petty arguments too. 



We are much more connected emotionally and physically. We've learned so much about how we've changed and what we now need. 



My biggest take away has been that teamwork is more important than ever in our marriage. And that it doesn't have to be a big production or date night ot show we have each other's back.


Keeping the Spark  in your relationship

I know you don't have an abundance of time, energy and brain space.

I also know you DESERVE a strong partnership that brings you more joy and fulfillment. 
Let me take the load off of your shoulders so that you can focus on the most important things and have the tools, skills, and prompts to do so. 

Pricing Plan




Keeping the SPark Member

  • Monthly group coaching call (60 mins) including topic teaching and Q&A
  • Bi-Weekly training in the private group
  • Weekly discussion prompt
  • Weekly couples connection idea
  • 24/7 access to member video vault
  • Discount on eCourses and downloads



/year (2 mo free)



  • Monthly group coaching call (60 mins) including topic teaching and Q&A
  • Bi-Weekly training in the private group
  • Weekly discussion prompt
  • Weekly couples connection idea
  • 24/7 access to member video vault
  • Discount on eCourses and downloads
  • Chelsea Skaggs Coach
    MY NAME IS...
    Chelsea Skaggs

    After spending most of my early motherhood trying to make things appear picture-perfect, I got burnt out. My confidence was low, my relationship was on the rocks, and I was not as present and joyful with my family as I wanted to be.

    I quickly realized the hard conversations needed to be had and I needed to figure out what success and happiness meant for ME and my family- not what every IG influencer out there said it should be. 

    After years of putting in the work, digging through patterns and mindsets, and getting authentic about motherhood and marriage, I realized that parenthood changes us in so many ways- it SHOULD BE normal for us to have space to explore that, talk about it, and grow as individuals and couples. 

    Since then, I've helped dozens of couples like you increase their communication skills, connection points, and confidence in order to have a happier relationship and home. 

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