Now that you're in the

W.T.F Season of early motherhood... I've got a space for you.

Being a mom is beautiful... and it's also REALLY EFFING MESSY AND COMPLEX. 

Are you a momma between 4-24 months after baby saying WTF happened, whoTF am, and howTF do I develop the motherhood I long for?

You love your life and your child
You're overwhelmed. Disconnected from your identity. Longing for meaningful connection with others. Desiring a closeness with your partner instead of just passing ships....

Let this be the place where you let down your walls.
Your space, once a week, just for YOU and your growth. 
A place where you don't have to impress anyone... but can be REAL and AUTHENTIC.

A place where we don't bitch about things, but we address the complexity of motherhood AND find solutions to your problems and roadblocks. 

Why women like you LOVE Mastermom

Because if you keep taking care of everything and everyone else without a place to process your changes, you're gonna burn out babe. 


Early motherhood is lonely. After the help leaves and you think you "should have it together," THIS is the place where you authentically connect with other moms, no BS or judgement tolerated. 

monochrome photo of nude woman

The shit your doctor never told you

It's not your fault this is all such a shock, our postpartum care sucks. Here, you'll learn about your body, your mind, your relationship and more... 

infant care when leaving home

Gain the skills that matter to you

Tired of running yourself dry trying to keep up with all the insta-moms? Let's deep dive into who YOU are, what matters to YOU, and the skills YOU want for YOUR life. You don't have time to worry about keeping up with everyone else. 

support for harder parts of new mom life

A space that's about YOU

I know you're giving and serving and keeping everything in order. And yea, you're pretty super, but also YOU need a place to come as you are and have others love on YOU. Let me love on you, encourage your growth, and be YOUR safe space so you can be a better mom, partner, friend, etc. 

“This group gives you a space to process it all versus just going through and trying to make it all look “together” and not deal with problems that can get much bigger if unaddressed.”

-A (2020 participant) 

You need to understand your changes after baby 

Sure, you can go on for the rest of your life without TRULY understanding the ways motherhood has changed you. You can go through without understanding and processing the impact of body changes, mental changes, value changes, relationship changes and more... but why would you want to?

Understanding allows you to be informed, be empowered, and use those skills to communicate with others in the ways you want to. 

You need better communication with yourself and your partner

Yes, you can continue on with self-doubt and ongoing comparison. You can keep feeling guilty for needing help and telling yourself you need to do more. You can keep having tense interactions with your partner and say... they just don't understand. 
You can have the tools to improve the self-talk and communication with your partner. 

What Others Say


“Before I started, I knew I had a lot of feelings but there was no good way to understand how to sit with them, break them down, and identify them. EVERY woman should have this group after having a baby.”


Mom of 1 


"So many mom groups are so toxic. Having this non-judgemental space has been so important for me. The group helped me have a new perspective on many things and the relationship aspect was huge for me and my husband. "


Mom of 2


"This group helped me clarify what's front and center, what's really important to me and my family. I was able to connect with awesome women and feel less alone." 


Mom of 1 

All the small Details

Who is this group for?

Where does it take place?

What is the time commitment?

How is this different from mommy meet-up groups?

Postpartum Together is for women between 4-24 mo after baby . This program is for those of you who don’t want to live in an illusion of “perfect” motherhood and are willing to be authentic with others in order to heal, normalize and empower yourself.

Postpartum Together takes place in the safety of a private, closed Facebook Group (I hate fb, but it's great for private groups!) . Only those in our group will have access. We will have a weekly call via Zoom video conference. (Don’t worry- crying babies and messy buns in the video conference is expected and accepted.)

I suggest setting aside 15-30 minutes per day for the educational and/or applicable theme for the day. If it’s a hard day, that’s okay- you can catch up the next day. The conversation will be open for ongoing conversation on each of the weekly themes. Weekly we will meet for a 1-hour video conference. You will be able to submit questions or topics for the group coaching session beforehand and we will use that session to conclude that week’s theme. Once a month you will also schedule a 1-on-1 coaching call.

Sept. 2021 calls: Tuesdays at 8:30pm Eastern, 5:30pm Pacific
Oct. 2021 calls: Wednesdays at 4pm Eastern, 1pm Pacific

Mommy meet-ups, virtually and in person, can be great. But they don't let you take a guided deep-dive. This group coaching program provides enough structure that you are sure to get something out of every session and it has the stability and authenticity of the invested group showing up together week after week. 

Chelsea Skaggs

After my first-born I was SO GOOD at making it look like I had my shit together. And at the end of the day I was lonely, sick of comparing my motherhood to everyone on the internet, and longing deeply for a place to TRULY connect. 

The overwhelm and surprise of new motherhood impacted me in so many ways- but mostly my identity and intimacy. I committed to learning about my own changes, diving in and doing the inner work, processing my changes, and getting hella-good at communicating with myself, my partners and others. 

Now, with my kiddos 3 & 5, I love nothing more than digging in with women like YOU who want to have a different motherhood narrative- one guided by YOUR truth, YOUR values, YOUR goals, and a lot of shutting out the BS messages around you. I believe you deserve to be informed, connected, empowered, and confident. 

Find Your 

Best Fit 

Mastermom GROUP 

Access to 12-week small group, calls, and 3 individual coaching sessions

  • Private small group with weekly discussion theme
  • 12 weekly group coaching calls
  • 3 30-min individual coaching sessions with Chelsea 
  • Your Worth Stickers

Affordable access for any budget


Make your deposit now to be set up on a 3 or 6 month payment plan for easy, affordable payments.



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Imagine what stronger community, connection, and communication could do for your family. 

You matter, momma 

stop putting yourself on the back burner.

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