Postpartum Together Mastermom Small Groups

“ We spent so much time planning for labor and delivery and taking birthing classes, but nobody prepares you for your body or your heart after you leave the hospital. ”

-2019 Participant

You’re doing your best.
You’re giving your all.
You struggle to find time to reconnect with yourself.
You struggle to find time to reconnect with your partner.
You’re in this season of postpartum and it seems like everything has changed. Some of that change is amazing and some of it feels overwhelming- emotional change, physical change, mental change, relationship changes and personal identity changes. In pregnancy, everyone wanted to talk about these things, but now— everyone wants to talk about the baby.
The baby is cute but your needs didn’t disappear.

“This group gives you a space to process it all versus just going through and trying to make it all look “together” and not deal with problems that can get much bigger if unaddressed.””

2020 Participant

Postpartum Together Mastermom Small Group was created for women just like you.
You know the value of having support, community, and education during this time.
You know it isn’t going to be perfect and you don’t want to feel forced to pretend.
You realize that taking care of yourself in this season is VITAL for taking care of your family.

Hey momma- If we haven’t met yet, hello. I’m Chelsea and I’m a momma just like you.

I’m also an advocate for maternal wellness and passionate about postpartum care.


So how did we get here?

After I had my first child, I had an idea of what motherhood was ‘supposed’ to look like and how I was ‘supposed’ to look, act and feel as a newly postpartum mom.

Instead of having a true experience, I tried to fit myself into boxes and molds. I put on a happy face and rose colored glasses when I should have been reaching out for support. I clung to things that I thought I could control instead of addressing and embracing all the natural changes I was going through. It looked good on the outside, on social media and to people around me… but I spent a lot of time silently suffering alone.

Stuffing down feelings.
Judging myself.
Feeling alone and like a failure.

When I was pregnant with my second child, I knew I had to do things differently. I knew I deserved more and so did my children.

I knew I wanted to give myself grace and thrive instead of just survive.

I googled the hell out of postpartum- learning everything I could. What I found is that there are plenty of pretty pictures and “how-tos” but there aren’t many spaces that keep it real- that dig into the big and awkward transitions. Postpartum Together was created to fill that gap.

Prior to this, I worked as a wellness and mindset coach- I know the ins and outs of group coaching and yet I was feeling like I wasn’t in my truest form and potential. It didn’t take long to realize that I needed to couple my love for coaching with my commitment to authentic postpartum. Thus, Postpartum Together was born.

I lead and facilitate this space, but this space is not just mine, it’s yours. It’s ours. You’re not going to hear me claim to have all the answers or do this whole postpartum thing perfectly, but you are going to see passion paired with research and years of coaching ready to support you in your postpartum journey.

“Before I started, I knew I had a lot of feelings but there was no good way to understand how to sit with them, break them down, and identify them. EVERY woman should have this group after having a baby.”

-2019 Participant
Colette shares her growth in the Postpartum Together Small groups

The Details

  • 3 Month Group Membership
  • Best suited for women 4-24 months after giving birth
  • Agree to show up authentically to support and receive support with the group
  • 8-12 women per small-group session
  • You choose the group only or group+1-on-1 support
  • $595-$995 for 3-month session
  • Payment plan available (down to $100/mo)

The Benefits

  • Private online empowerment group
  • Weekly curriculum to work through the taboo topics and real transition
  • Education, prompts, action items, and group discussion
  • Weekly 1-hour group coaching calls
  • Individual 30-minute coaching session at start and end of the 12-week session
  • Improved understanding of your motherhood story
  • Action steps that you will use for years to come

Who is this for?

Postpartum Together is for women between 4-24 mo after baby . This program is for those of you who don’t want to live in an illusion of “perfect” motherhood and are willing to be authentic with others in order to heal, normalize and empower yourself.

Where does it take place?

Postpartum Together takes place in the safety of a private, closed group on Mighty Networks. Only those in our group will have access. We will have a weekly call via Zoom video conference. (Don’t worry- crying babies and messy buns in the video conference is expected and accepted.)

What is the time commitment?

I suggest setting aside 15-30 minutes per day for the educational and/or applicable theme for the day. If it’s a hard day, that’s okay- you can catch up the next day. The conversation will be open for ongoing conversation and feedback. Weekly we will meet for a 1-hour video conference. You will be able to submit questions or topics for the group coaching session beforehand and we will use that session to conclude that week’s theme. Once a month you will also schedule a 1-on-1 coaching call.

How is this different from other mom groups?

When do groups take place?

Prior to creating Postpartum Together, I explored a couple of other postpartum education options. What I found is there are email or online course options with great information. However, we each learn differently. An email course works great for some, but for me, I grow best in connection with others going through the same thing. I checked out support groups but really craved the empowered education that goes beyond a support group. As a facilitator, I’ve been in group coaching for 5+ years now and transitioned my focus to Postpartum Together to offer a collaborative community where women can not only know what to expect and get tips and ideas BUT do so in a safe authentic community of others going through the same season.

Mastermom Groups form once we have 6-10 women committed. At that time, we will work together to decide the weekly meeting time and the kick-off date.

3 Month Small Group
  • *12 weeks of private group
    *12 group coaching calls
    *Monthly individual 1-on-1 coaching call
    Payment plan available
3 Month Small Group + 1-on-1 Support
  • *12 weeks of private group
    *12 group coaching calls
    *6 individual 1-hour calls
    *Access to me via Voxer during business hours
    Payment plan available


Still have some questions and want to see if it’s right for you? Drop me a message!