New Mom Must Haves (The Short List)

No, You Don’t Need Everything Marketed to You as a New Mom

When you are making your baby registry for a baby shower, it is easy to get excited about all the options out there. When you are thinking about making the transition into mom mode, you will see things you HAVE to have. Here is a spoiler: Half the shit you won’t use. Let’s get down to the real new mom must haves and simplify your life a bit.

On a personal note, I get pretty upset when I see how many things are marketed to new moms in their sleep-deprivation and overwhelm. Oftentimes, less is more. Less to figure out. Less to clean up. More time and space to listen to your intuition and baby. More freedom to be present. Babies need very little. They need you, food, and some kind of covering. That is about it. The rest can be fun, but it can also be unnecessary and burdensome. As a new mom, I needed very little of what was bought and wish I would have invested more in building up my support team.

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Your baby does not need much. Many families find they do not even use a nursery room for months after having their baby. No amount of Instagram likes can make it worth splurging on things that will not be needed or used.

New Mom Must Have Recovery for Your Vagina, Butt, and/or Belly

So first of all, you need some tools to help heal your battle wounds. I recommend making a basket to keep in your bathroom just for this. You want to take care of any tears and incisions.

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Items for Vaginal Birth Recovery

  1. Underwear, pads or adult diapers
  2. Peri Bottle
  3. Padsicles (Homemade or Bought)

What You Need for Belly Birth Recovery:

  1. Pillow to help keep baby off incision AND to help with sleep positions
  2. High waisted-leggings, sweatpants or wrap to avoid irritation

Taking care of the Booty:

  1. Sitz Bath
  2. Stool Softener
  3. Tucks Pads

Feeding Your Baby:

Regardless of whether you choose to breastfeed or not, your boobs are going to go through many changes. You want to have some simple items to help take care of that milk coming in, the nipples getting raw, and everything in between.

Whether you are using your boobs, formula, or a combination, your baby needs to eat. Luckily, it does not take many fancy items to make that happen. These new mom must haves will help you feed as you choose with the essentials.

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For Breastfeeding:

  1. Boob Warmers and/or massager
  2. Nipple Cream
  3. Nursing Bra

For Formula Feeding:

  1. Bottles and nipples (start with newborn nipples and have a couple kinds to try until you know what baby likes
  2. Bottle cleaning brush
  3. Dishwasher basket
  4. Bottle drying rack
exclusive pumping

For Pumping:

  1. Breast pump
  2. Pumping bra
  3. Milk storage bags
  4. (And bottle parts, see above!)

Items for Feeding Yourself

  1. Meal train
  2. Freezer Crock Pot Meals
  3. Snack Basket
  4. Extra large water bottle

When you see something online or in the stores and it says you MUST HAVE it, think about whether it fills a need you are experiencing or truly think you might experience. While it is nice to have more conveniences available, some things are just expensive fluffy fillers. Oftentimes, motherhood support and service resources can be much more helpful than another late-night Amazon order. These new mom must haves are simple and made to make things easier for you.

For additional resources and to meet other women on their postpartum journey check out Postpartum Together coaching!

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