Speaker for New Moms: Events, Content Creation, Writing

speaker for new moms at a conference
If you need speaker for new moms or content (video, text, podcast) creator for your company that can relate to new moms while bringing a fire, Chelsea is the woman to do it.

An authentic way to approach talking about motherhood and postpartum.

Need a speaker for new moms that can really get to the core, have real, relatable talk, and engage your audience?

Chelsea provides audiences of all sizes with an intimate and relatable experience to connect, empower, and unleash the freedom to live more authentically. She seamlessly pairs humor with education and advocacy in a way that leaves listeners confident in her own journey. Chelsea has spoken about authentic new mom life to hundreds of women and uses each conversation to bring awareness and progress to the understanding of postpartum and the freedom to live our true stories.

Chelsea has been featured in Her View From Home, Motherly, Todays Parent, Scary Mommy, Psychology Today as well as on podcasts, radio shows, and an upcoming documentary. She can speak at your next virtual or in-person event, create content in video or text for for your audience, or join you in a live talk or podcast.

Chelsea thrives in making each audience member feel connected whether it’s a group of 5 or 500. Now, she looks forward to discussing opportunities to empower mothers at your workplace, publication, event, workshop, or other possible collaboration.

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