Postpartum Mom Recovery with a Baby in the NICU


When I think about the narrative that can be left out of the postpartum and motherhood story, I think about a NICU mom and her family. ⁣

Everyone has a heavy heart for a NICU baby, rightfully so, but NICU moms need extra love too.⁣⁣

The Choices of a NICU Mom

A NICU mom is choosing whether to rest and let her body heal or venture down long halls to sit in uncomfortable chairs and (maybe) snuggle her child with cords. Sometimes the snuggling isn’t even an option and she watches, through an isolet, as she hopes her baby hears her voice and feels her love. ⁣


A NICU mom, if choosing to nurse or pump breastmilk, must learn to do so with an audience of medical providers in and out. ⁣

A NICU mom changes her blood-soaked Depends in too many public bathrooms. ⁣

She knows the hospital cafeteria menu and any food options nearby. ⁣

This mom doesn’t get herbal bath soaks and is doing all her self care in a sterile space void of the comfort of home. ⁣

She sleeps to the sound of beeping devices and continual stat checks through the night. ⁣

When we talk about postpartum, May we not overlook the voices of the NICU mom. ⁣

The complexity of a NICU Stay⁣

I had but a small taste of being a NICU mom. While our week inpatient felt long, it was so short in comparison to families we saw and families we know. The NICU experience often spills over into the struggles of maternity leaves and insurance needs, sibling care, and more. ⁣

NICU mom- you are heard. And we will work together to make sure your voice is part of the story when we talk about postpartum and motherhood.

Nicu mom story

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