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Planning for Life After Baby

There are many things to consider after having a baby. One thing couples often discuss is how to balance work and finances. For some families, this becomes a conversation of whether both parents continue working or if one parent stays at home with the child(ren). If you are making a change and becoming a stay at home mom, we know there are many things on your mind.

When you leave the workforce, you often leave behind parts of your identity and comfort. While this is not a bad thing, it is an area to acknowledge and make a plan for. You also are faced with new understanding of family finances, household tasks, schedules, and free time.

When one parent stays at home, there are new challenges and joys to consider. Check out our guide for 4 conversations you need to have with your partner if you are becoming a stay at home mom.

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Planing for Life After Your Baby:
A small group for expecting women who want to be mentally, emotionally, and physically empowered after baby. We can’t plan for everything, but we can put tools in place and have the conversations to ease the transition.

WHO: Women in the 2nd or 3rd Trimester
WHAT: Making a Postpartum Plan & Resource Guide
WHEN: Mondays at 5pm PST
STARTS: May 17th
COST: $147 (Includes eCourse access and Postpartum Plan Template)
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Your Course & Small Group Leader

I’m your girl. A new mom coach with flare, authenticity, and the willingness to go into the taboo, hard conversations so that you can move out of auto-pilot and really grow.

I’ve been on both sides of this spectrum: I’ve done the “look how together I am as a perfect mother” illusion and I’ve done (and am currently living in) the: Honestly, this motherhood thing is messy. Postpartum is hard. We all need support and I’m here to be real in it. Spoiler alert: The second approach is much more life-giving and freeing. I mix this with my Certified Professional Life Coaching to give YOU the support and real-talk experience you deserve.

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