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Planning for you Return to Work

If you are planning for the end of your maternity leave, there are a lot of things to consider. It is a logistical transition, but it is also mental and emotional. Some women get excited about the return to their work. Others have a difficult time deciding if it is the right choice. There is no right way to be and to feel.

At Postpartum Together we are not here to tell you how to be a mom, we are here to support and empower you as you follow your path. Each child is different. Each parenting experience is different.

We bring tools, strategy, resources, and expertise to you. Return to work is a big transition, but it is not something you have to do alone!

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Roadmap to Return to Work

This customized roadmap is for parents returning to work empowered. We will help you work through the big questions, have plans in place, and build confidence around your return to work journey. Click to book a 15 minute consult to learn more.

Better Supporting Your Employees

Want to be a workplace worth raving about? Support your working parents better. It’s on everyone’s vision board, but let’s put it into practice. Our team will help you identify, communicate, and implement workplace values that are beneficial for you as the employer and supportive of your parents returning from parental leave. Click to book a 15 minute consult to learn more.

Meet the Back to Work Leaders:

Molly: The Office Doula

Meet Molly, our favorite Office Doula bringing the realness, advocacy and support for working parents of the many! Molly officially joined our Postpartum Together Team in January 2021 but she isn’t new to leading in the new motherhood space. She spent her first 2 years of motherhood using social media as a place to share real mom-moments all while attending doula training and education. Soon after, she began supporting new parents in the Twin Cities and around the world online.

She comes to Postpartum Together as our working parent doula but also as our subject matter expert as a safety leader at a global corporate company — yeah, you guessed it! She is a big part of parenthood advocacy there too.
Molly has 2 little ones, a boy and a girl with 1 fur baby, Pixie (the beagle) and her husband, Matt. She loves to paint and watch The Office in her down time.


Chelsea is the founder of Postpartum Together and a certified early motherhood intimacy coach. In her 4+ years of motherhood so far, Chelsea has been both a Stay-at-Home-Mom, a part-time working mom, and now the full-time breadwinner mom. She reserves space for everyone’s story to look and feel differently- but to honor the reality that we all need less bullshit and more real talk.

Chelsea loves to help women identify how their work and motherhood identities are intertwined. She also loves working with HR departments and small business owners to make better plans for support employees returning to work after maternity leave. If you don’t have a Mother’s Room, it’s time to get with it.

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