Transitioning to Stay at Home Mom: Group

Maybe it was part of your plan.
Maybe it was not.

Either way, making the transition to Stay-at-Home-Mom has many beautiful parts and many difficult parts.

The good news? It’s okay to have both.

You struggle to prioritize time for yourself.
It’s difficult to spend $ on yourself because you are not “earning” money.
Friendships feel more difficult.
You sometimes feel resentful that your partner gets to get out and be an “adult.”

This is exactly why you need a space for yourself.
For your growth.
With people who get you.

We see the transition to SAHM as one of the biggest transitions some women face. It challenges your identity, your community, your relationship, and more. And in a society that is independent and isolated, we find ourselves feeling like we are doing it “wrong” because we don’t have communities to talk about our experience with.

Here, you have that community.
You have a place to talk, ask questions, exchange ideas, and grow as a woman.

grey scale photo of baby

-6 weeks of 1 hr group calls
-Private group for our conversation
-Weekly theme with 3 prompts to get you thinking, communicating, and making changes
-Brainstorming and coaching

Next group starts: March 9th, 1pm EST

This is for women who:
-Don’t want to stay stuck where they are
-Enjoy applying growth ideas instead
-Are expecting and plan to be a SAHM or have recently become a SAHM
-Will protect the safety, intimacy, and privacy of the group
-Want to make intentional friendships
-Will contribute to supporting other group members
-Are open to coaching from the leaders

Who this is not for women who:
-Enjoy drama
-Are not open to trying new things
-Want to take from the group without giving back
-Plan to stay stuck in the comfort zone of being unhappy

Meet your Leaders

Amy Brown:

I found the online postpartum community through my struggles with breastfeeding and I stayed for the radical self-love and support I desperately needed during that first year new mama drama.

My participation in Postpartum Together has inspired me to speak openly and honestly about motherhood, to pour some of my soul back into the community that was there for me when I had no idea where else to turn.

My background in sociology, where I studied marriage and families, provides context to my lived postpartum experiences. Motherhood brought me to a crossroads, where I chose to put my career on pause, and re-evaluate my professional goals.  My time as a stay-at-home mom of one has brought me closer to redefining my life and purpose. 

Chelsea Skaggs

I founded Postpartum Together because every transition in life after baby was a shock to me. My relationship, my identity, how I related to the world. It all felt so taboo and I thought that needed to change.

I’m your girl. A new mom coach with flare, authenticity, and the willingness to go into the taboo, hard conversations so that you can move out of auto-pilot and really grow.

I’ve been on both sides of this spectrum: I’ve done the “look how together I am as a perfect mother” illusion and I’ve done (and am currently living in) the: Honestly, this motherhood thing is messy. Postpartum is hard. We all need support and I’m here to be real in it. Spoiler alert: The second approach is much more life-giving and freeing. I mix this with my Certified Professional Life Coaching to give YOU the support and real-talk experience you deserve.

Are you ready to make space for YOU so that you can take care of others without burning out?
Are you ready to improve your relationship with yourself and your identity by prioritizing it again?
Are you ready to improve your relationship with others by improving your communication and connection?

If yes, you honestly don’t want to miss this group. This could change your life…if you let it.

Enrollment: Closed
Next group starts May 4th, 2021. Contact us below to reserve your spot.

  • Full access to the private group
  • 6 weekly group coaching calls
Group + 1-on-1 Sessions
  • Full access to the private group
  • 6 weekly group coaching calls
  • Three 30 min 1-on-1 sessions

Still have questions? Get in touch with us here so we can answer them for you!