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Hey babe. If you have found your way here, let me welcome you. I’m Chelsea. Lover of taboo topics. An engager of hard conversations. A believer that you deserve more support and community when it comes to life after baby. A sexpert in sex after baby.


I’m a fan of good sex. A fan of good sex after birth. I’m a fan of improving sex after baby. A fan of intimacy and connection.

I know you, momma

Also, I know that sex after baby is no easy topic. After having your baby, your body has changed. Your emotional needs have changed. The mental needs have changed. Your connection with your partner is interrupted by constant touch out, baby needs, and exhaustion. In your body, libido and sex drive are impacted by changing hormones. Your pelvic floor has had a big shift and needs new attention.

I know the tendency is to let it slide. Put it off another day. Find another reason to not prioritize the intimacy and sex. Sure, you love that partner, but damn, sex is not top of the list.

I want to help you make intimacy after baby possible

I am not here to tell you sex has to be on the top of your list. Actually, I want to help you see it as less of a chore.
More connection.
Increased pleasure.
Stress release.

I want you to have the tools and the language to build a stronger relationship with your partner.

For you to embrace the worthiness of your own needs.

To build a stronger partnership in all ways- the housework, the baby care, and the bedroom.

If you want a connected, understanding, empowerment-based experience with returning to sex after baby, you are in the right place.

Sex after baby with Postpartum Together is about helping you connect with yourself, your community, your needs, your voice, and your partner.

Back in the Sack is about more than getting ‘er done. It’s about using the foundation you have and building it up to a more kick-ass connection with your partner.

We do this in a number of ways, so there’s something for everyone.

Check out our tools to help you engage sex after birth… and let’s take the next step towards helping to build your relationship after having a baby.

“All-Clear” at your postpartum appointment doesn’t mean you’re ready for sex.

Life has changed.

Your body has changed.

Your emotions have changed.

All of this impacts our sex lives… and sister we’re going to work through it together.

Couple learns about sex after baby for a better relationship

Ways to Get Support With Your Sex Life After Baby

Free Download: Back in the Sack

Get started with our free download made just to help you start the conversation about sex after baby. You’ll hear from our sexpert, Chelsea, as she talks about addressing the mental, emotional, AND physical parts of sex after baby.

woman belly after having a baby

Free Download: Body Image After Baby

connection call for couples after baby

Couple’s Connection Call

Sometimes we all need a third party to help us understand what we and our partner’s need. We can use the insight from others to help us communicate and connect better.

Schedule a couple’s connection call aimed to help you and your partner gain more clarity together, identify misunderstandings, and gain tools for stronger communication.

eCourse: Getting Back in the Sack with Sex and Intimacy After Baby

Want to take it to the next level with growing in sex and intimacy after baby? Let our expert panel help you understand all your changes, improve your connection and communication, grow your confidence, and get to meaningful sex after baby.

monochrome photo of woman s hands with tattoo


Motherhood Intimacy

Are you wanting to look at your personal roadblocks with sex after baby? Do you want individual ideas and feedback catered to you and your journey? Are you committed to improving intimacy and sex after baby? My intensive clients find personalized guidance to help peel back the layers of disconnect, regain confidence, communicate strongly, and bring intimacy back.

For some reason, I was embarrassed about how I was feeling after birth. I wanted to connect with my partner, but wasn’t sure how so I shut down. Chelsea helped me open up, understand, and communicate.

— Shawna

Back in the sack brought sex back into my marriage and I could not be more thankful! My husband and I were super disconnected physically after having our son. I saw this course and thought why not- and I’m so glad I did!

— Lena

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Meet Your Intimacy Coach:


I am the founder of Postpartum Together and found my favorite aspect to be in Saving Confidence and Saving Relationships in early motherhood. I specialize in sex & intimacy after baby.

I’ve helped my clients identify years of mental and emotional blocks. I’ve helped couples improve communication to decrease resentment and disconnect. I’ve helped moms find freedom in being good moms and have sexual needs and desires. I’ve helped new moms understand why maybe they don’t have a sex drive and how to connect in other purposeful ways through the days, weeks, and months of postpartum.

I want families to be stronger. To have that, we have to come face to face with our needs, our partnership, and our intimacy.

Have a question, need advice, or just want to connect? Snag a free 15 minute chat with me here: