Spark After Baby: 30 Day Intimacy Challenge

If you feel like your sex & intimacy life is less than banging these days… you’re not alone.

More than half of women said their sex life is “on the backburner” as a mom.

I’m not here to tell you that you need to have more sex.

I AM here to tell you that if you miss your partner, want to feel more connected, long to be closer, and want to find ways to actually enjoy intimacy after a baby… I’m here to give you a 30 day jump-start.

Hey babe, I’m Chelsea. Mom of 2. There have been times I told my husband to leave me the fuck alone because I was so touched out. And, there are times I felt like I missed the human I lived with because we we struggled to find ways and times to connect. There were times I wanted to get closer but was out of ideas when it came to how to build intimacy with my partner after having a baby.

I found small steps, strategies, and fun ways to connect to rebuild the intimacy and find our spark again.

Now, I invite you into a 30 day challenge to grow in your relationship intimacy. To have fun with each other. To feel confident and connected.

And of course, to enjoy the stories, accountability, and community of other moms going through the challenge with you.

As an early motherhood intimacy coach, I’ve helped hundreds of couples through 1-on-1 intensives, group coaching, and eCourses.

Now, I’m inviting you to my most affordable and fun opportunity yet!

-Access to the private challenge group
-30 day calendar with daily intimacy practices
-30 days of check-in prompts to share stories, brainstorm, and celebrate with the community
-Entries for fun intimacy prizes if you complete the challenge!

Get in babes, we start August 2nd.

Let’s be clear: FAQs
Q: Are you saying you want us to have 30 days of sex?
A: No way. I mean if that’s your thing, sure. But that sounds unmanageable for me. We will approach intimacy from so many different angles- building connection and rekindling the spark.This is about intimacy. Intimacy is mental, emotional, and physical. We will not be encouraging 30 days of sex, we will be practicing small things you can do. 

Q: Does my partner have to know I’m doing this? 
A: Nope. You can share this with them OR you can do it as a secret and surprise them with your little daily actions!

Q: Am I “too far” past the baby days to join? 
A: Nope! As mentioned above, this is an ongoing thing. We all have different seasons in our relationship, but adding some fun and spark into your relationship is always a good fit. 

Q: What if I am TTC or expecting but already feel the impact on my relationship?
A: Then this is an AMAZING space for you! You will get the chance to be intentional about your foundation, connect with already-mommas, and enjoy the relationship growth.

Q: Do I have to open up to a bunch of strangers about my sex life?
A: We love having honest conversation, but you’re not expected to go beyond your personal boundaries. You can share, ask questions, etc. to your comfort level.

Q: What kind of prizes are available for completing the challenge?
A: At the end of the challenge, those who have participated in 80% or more of the check-ins will be entered into the drawings. Prizes will include lube, lingerie, date night box, and other prizes to be announced!

Meet Your Challenge Leader

Chelsea Skaggs

Well hello.

I’m Chelsea. Founder of Postpartum Together and early motherhood intimacy coach.

I believe in the importance of growing in our confidence and relationship after baby.

There are so many distractions.
There are so many stressors.
There are days when you feel like you and your partner are co-workers passing by in the hallway.

And yet through my personal work and work with my clients, I’ve found that bringing back the spark after baby helps couples feel connected, confident, and on the same team.

I want you to have better relationships, better pleasure, better intimacy, better sex.

Intimacy after baby doesn’t have to be weird.
It can be fun.
And together, we can have a really fun time growing that intimacy spark.

Are you ready to take small steps each day to connect with your partner?
Are you ready to feel more confident in yourself?
Are you ready to improve your relationship in manageable, meaningful ways?

Get in babe, we start August 2nd.

Spark After Baby

Still have questions? Get in touch with us here so we can answer them for you!