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Baby with a Birth Defect: Did I Cause This?

What did I do wrong? This is the first thought I had when the doctor came in to tell my husband and I that our second child had a birth defect. (Learn more about the most common birth defects in this post for Zulily.) I remember the doctor coming in after our 20-week anatomy scan …

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Postpartum Constipation: Pooping After Baby

Shit happens, but sometimes it doesn’t. After giving birth, up to half of women will deal with constipation. This is another part of life after baby that isn’t discussed but we are here to give you the rundown: why postpartum constipation is common, what you can do to get things moving again, and when you should talk to your doctor about constipation.

Birthing The Placenta?! What Comes After Having Your Baby

The placenta is an organ your body grows to nourish and protect your baby. When you give birth, the third stage of labor or the afterbirth is delivering the placenta. How do you deliver the placenta? Does it hurt? What do you do with the placenta after birth? Read on for all things placenta!

DIY Padsicles for Postpartum Recovery

Postpartum bleeding is normal and most women experience vaginal pain after delivery. Think about it- you removed a human from your body- it’s going to take some time to let that heal! You may experience painful urination after delivery and general pain in that area. This is why padsicles can be such an important part of your postpartum recovery kit, and they are easy to DIY (and cheap!)

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