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Navigating Postpartum Fitness: Powerful & Safe New Mom Tips

AUGUST 8, 2023 BY CHELSEA SKAGGS: COACHPostpartum Fitness You brought a baby into the world, mama, and there is hardly anything that can compare to that when it comes to powerful! Most women have a variety of emotions when it comes to postpartum bodies and fitness. We know there are many benefits to an active …

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How to Handle Postpartum Body Image

Now, after having a baby, so much is different. Unfortunately, it’s easier to access messages that tell us “how to bounce back” or “how to lose the baby weight fast” than it is to learn about the changes that have happened in our bodies and the ways to nurture and heal them with intention and grace. 

Mombod Aboard: Have the Fun With Your Kids Without Worry

Suit up. That’s right, put the suit on. Sit in the sun. Put your toes in the sand. Splash with your little ones. Go to the party. Go to the lessons. Go to the park. Jump in the deep end. Because what your kids will remember most, what they need most out of their moms, is not fitting some outward society expectation, but connecting in meaningful ways.

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