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What is DMER in Breastfeeding Moms?

It took me a long time to learn why I was having these intense feelings before and during let downs when I was exclusively pumping. For me, it was like a jolt through my body and a pang of anxiety. Sometimes it brought tears to my eyes or made me nauseous. While I was exclusively pumping for my daughter, I didn’t have D-MER all the time, but experienced it at least once a day.

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How to Pump at Work: Your Rights, Access, and Support as a Breastfeeding Mom

Hey sweet momma friend. Returning to work does not have to mean the end of your breastfeeding journey if you do not want it to. Some women choose to end their breastfeeding when they return to work. However, if you want to continue on your journey we are here to help you make a pumping …

How to Pump at Work: Your Rights, Access, and Support as a Breastfeeding Mom Read More »

Boost Milk Supply: 5 Ways to Make More Breastmilk and Feed Your Baby

As a new mom, one thing I found myself feeling stressed about often was breast milk supply. I was constantly looking for ways to boost breast milk supply. There is a lot of pressure on new moms when it comes to breastfeeding choices. From “Fed is best” campaigns and “Is she breastfeeding?” as a question …

Boost Milk Supply: 5 Ways to Make More Breastmilk and Feed Your Baby Read More »

New Mom Question and Answers: Postpartum Depression, Pumping and Sex

Pain while pumping, how long can PPD last, painful sex, Csection scare healing and splitting responsibilities as a stay at home mom. The questions this week in our Postpartum Q&A

Your Breasts After Pregnancy and Giving Birth: What You Need to Know

We talk a lot about how you choose to feed a baby. Nursing, formula, pumping, combination… but we don’t talk much about all the issues that can be part of that decision. The breast issues that can occur after birth can be painful and isolating and they are often still taboo. This post is meant to introduce topics, not go deeply into each.

Pumping Moms Must-Have List for Better Breastpumping

Get all the supplies you need for successful and easier breast pumping straight from this amazon shopping list made by an exclusive pumper. These breast pumping accessories will help you be successful in breast pumping.

5 Must-Know Tips for Exclusive Pumping While Traveling

5 Tips for Pumping while Traveling. What to pack for pumping, how to talk to family about pumping, what to know about pumping when you are traveling.

Hands-Free Pumping: Tips to Make it Easier

Whether you pump full time or part-time, you know the breastmilk you provide isn’t “free.” It comes from hours of planning, washing, feeding, packing, and pumping.

Exclusive Pumping Tips: Make it Easier

There are a number of reasons why a woman may choose to breast pump, and a variety of ways to do so.
These are the tips to ensure that it is both effective and comfortable.

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