postpartum depression

How to Navigate Postpartum Hormonal Changes

By Chelsea Skaggs, Postpartum Coach Motherhood introduces a multitude of transformations, both emotionally and physically. One of the significant shifts you’ll experience post-birth involves hormonal changes that may feel overwhelming. To help you navigate this natural, yet complex journey, there are a few things to understand and tools to help you navigate these changes. And …

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What are Baby Blues?

One would only imagine that birthing a child would be such a thrilling and exciting experience. Well, it should be, only if baby blues weren’t a thing. The birth of a baby can stimulate a jumble of strong emotions, from bliss and excitement to anxiety and fear. The process is swift. Once the thought of …

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New Mom Question and Answers: Postpartum Depression, Pumping and Sex

Pain while pumping, how long can PPD last, painful sex, Csection scare healing and splitting responsibilities as a stay at home mom. The questions this week in our Postpartum Q&A

Baby Blues or Postpartum Depression? How to Figure Out What You Are Experiencing

Feeling down after having your baby? Curious if you’re suffering from postpartum depression or if what you’re feeling is normal in early postpartum?

No matter what, you deserve support. This chart will help you decide if you’re dealing with baby blues or if you need to get doctor help for postpartum depression.

Living with a PMAD After Birth: 5 Women’s Stories

Postpartum Mood Disorders affect over 20% of moms. Surely that is more than one mom that you personally know. However, you might not know that she has struggled because the stigma remains high and the conversation is kept behind closed doors.

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