5 Great Ways to Tell Your Partner You’re Pregnant

So you have confirmed all of the early pregnancy signs and are ready to share the news. It is time to make a pregnancy announcement and tell your partner that you are pregnant. You might be excited. You may be nervous. Or, you may not know how you feel yet. No matter how you feel ,sharing the news with your partner can be a creative and fun time for both of you as you start this new journey.

  1. Scavenger Hunt
  2. Personalized “Dad” Gift
  3. Letterboard or Sign
  4. Photo Book with Special Ending
  5. Order a Baby Product Delivery

My Pregnancy Announcements

Admittedly, with my first child I was in such a state of shock that I just walked out, pregnancy test in hand, and stared at my husband. I took a pregnancy test as a precaution. We were about to leave for a holiday trip and had many brewery tours planned. I had been feeling a little “off” and so I took a test to ease my mind. My mind was eased in a much different way than I anticipated. Turns out those brewery tours were postponed a year.

Together, we had a lot of fun making an announcement video for our friends and family. It is almost painfully embarrassing now, but you can find the throwback video here.

The second time, I had fun with it and made it a surprise. I found out I was pregnant a couple of weeks before my husband’s birthday and was able to wrap my pregnancy test up as a gift delivered by our oldest.

With many ideas out there on how to share your pregnancy with your partner, it is easy to get overwhelmed with ideas. I know I did! However, I saved my 5 favorite ideas to share with you.

1. Make a Scavenger Hunt Date

Want to see how many clues it takes for your partner to get the hints? Set up a scavenger hunt with small clue eluding to the big message (the pregnancy announcement!) You can do a scavenger hunt in your own home or out in a favorite public place. One idea is to recount a recent conversation about a baby or dream you share about having a baby. Let the clues add up to the positive pregnancy test at the end.

2. Get a Personalized Dad/Mom Gift

Nothing says “You are going to be a parent” like a personalized gift! Find a favorite item that you can personalize with the word “dad” or “mom” to let your partner know a big change is coming. A few favorite ideas are:

1. Dad Keychain

2. Mom/Dad Mugs

3. Best Dad/Mom Shot Glass

4. Dad Joke T-Shirt

3. Letterboard or Sign

If you have a letterboard or chalkboard in your home, change the message to something like “Skaggs Party of 3.” Create a message that lets your partner know a big addition is coming. See how long it takes for him/her to notice the new sign. You could also hold the sign behind your partner while his back is turned and tell him to turn around towards you to see the message. Make sure to set up a camera nearby to capture the moment!

4. Photo Book with Special Ending

Making a photo book of family pictures is always a fun activity. In order to make a pregnancy announcement to your partner, you can make a book with a special ending. Create a photo book of your favorite memories together. At the end of the book, add a picture of your positive pregnancy test, a drawing of a family of 3, or other picture of your choosing. Order this book and then set a special time to look through it together. Enjoy the surprise at the end!

Photo Books

5. Order a Baby Item Delivery

Maybe your partner is not too surprised with an Amazon or Target delivery comes to your doorstep. However, they will be surprised if this delivery is a box full of newborn diapers, onesies, and other baby items. Surprise your partner by ordering baby items to your doorstep. Once it arrives, ask your partner casually to take care of opening it up. Watch as your partner pulls out all things baby and makes the connection!

There is no right or wrong way to make a pregnancy announcement to your partner. Whether it is surprised and direct (like my first) or it is planned out and captured (like my second), what matters is sharing in this transition with your partner. A baby brings many changes and at Postpartum Together, we are here to support you through them all.

Still Not Sure if You are Pregnant? Check out my post on the Zulily Blog all about Early Pregnancy Signs

Postpartum Prep Course

Once you are through the announcement period and are ready to make a postpartum plan, check out our eCoruse. We help you plan for the physical, mental, emotional, logistical, and relational changes that come after baby. We help you be prepared to handle the changes and be a team through it all.

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