Top 10 Best Gift for New Moms (That Aren’t Things)

Now that the baby is here, a new mom starts to see what she really needs. The gifts from the baby shower are nice. The cute decorations and onesies look adorable. But, there are things that cannot be held in your hands or hung in the nursery. These are gifts for new moms that are not “things.” The services and the support that can be life-changing for a new mom and her family. Read on for our Top 10 Ideas for the Best Gift for New Moms.

10 Best Gifts for New Moms

1. Sleep Support

Getting enough sleep after having a baby is linked to increased recovery time for new moms. Not only does this have physical benefits, but it helps mom’s mental and emotional wellness too. This study found that postpartum depression is 3x more likely when the mom has poor sleep quality. While things like sleep sacks and guides can be helpful, a professional sleep consultant can be a game-changer. You can find local or virtual sleep consultants with a variety of package types. This is the best gift for new moms in the early days!

Sleep consultants focus on helping the whole family get more sleep, starting with the rhythm and needs of the baby. A sleep consultant can help new parents find techniques and strategies to promote sleep for the baby. Overnight doulas are another great option for supporting sleep for new moms. An overnight doula can provide care in the night so that the parents are able to get sleep and show up rested the next day. Even just a few nights of a night doula can help moms recover and set a strong foundation for life with a newborn.

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2. Feeding Support

Aside from sleep, feeding is another topic that has a big impact on new families. Whether a mom chooses to breastfeed, bottle feed, combo feed, or any other feeding strategy, having support can be crucial. If a mother is breastfeeding, help from an IBCLC can allow the mother to learn methods for feeding, work on latch, timing, and breast care, and set up a feeding rhythm. Many IBCLCs also support moms in learning how to exclusively pump, induce lactation (in case of adoption or partner-feeding parenting), and work with bottles for breastmilk or formula.

3. Physical Recovery Support

Most women get 1 or 2 check ups from their medical providers after birth. This is not sufficient and helping a new mom to find additional physical recovery support can be very helpful. A postnatal trainer is a great way for a new mom to learn about her changed body and have the tools she needs to rehab her body safely. Another great way to help a mother heal is helping her to find a pelvic floor PT who specializes in healing after birth.

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4. Group Support

We are not meant to do motherhood alone, but much of our individualistic society has pushed us to do so. Finding group support allows a new mom to find connection and normalization on her journey. Postpartum Together offers speciality groups for moms in various seasons of early motherhood. This is the best gift for new moms who value community and growth.

5. Babysitting Service

Whether you provide the babysitting yourself, or arrange for a service like Sitting Made Simple to provide the babysitting, helping a mom find a trusted way to get out of the house is so helpful. For many moms, this is a big step. Wait until mom is comfortable and then help make the transition as smooth as possible.

6. Pet/Sibling Help

When a baby is born and the parents have a pet or a sibling at home, taking stress off by providing care for the pet or sibling is a great gift. You can offer to cover border expenses for a pet, or take care of the pet at the owner’s comfort. You can help by taking the older sibling out for a special date or bring them to play at your house.

7. Cleaning Help

Even though we all agree that no one expects new parents to have a clean, tidy, organized home, it can be nice for a new mom to have the gift of cleanliness. Gift the new parents a one-time deep clean from a local cleaning service or offer to do it yourself. This is a great gift for when the parents and baby are at the hospital- and they can come home to a clean house!

8. Meals

Perhaps one of the most practical things you can do for a new mom is provide food. Just like new babies need to eat all the time, a new mom has a lot of nutrients to replenish and is burning a lot of calories recovering. It is SO important a new mom stays well-fed! And, we think it’s important for the partner to eat too.

You can prepare meals ahead of time that can be prepared in a cinch. Or, make meals specifically for the family once they are home. Send them a meal delivery. And don’t forget about meal trains which can mean tons of food for the family.

9. Document the Memories

Early motherhood can be a blur. You can be a big help to new families by helping to document the memories. Take some pictures. Start the scrapbook mom bought when she was nesting. Write down the significant moments that the family tells you about. Be a good listener so that you can capture those memories they family can cherish.

10. Girl Time

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Sometimes the best gift for new moms is be there with her. Listen. Laugh. Cry. Offer your arms for a hug or to hold the baby. If possible, help mom get out of the house for some girl time to feel “human again.” It can be easy to stay away for fear of intruding, but have some honest conversations with your friend. Ask her how she needs to be seen and heard. Show up with chocolate, a warm meal and sweatpants to kick back and binge Bridgerton or Workin’ Moms during a cluster feed session. Sometimes what a girl needs most is a reliable friend who does not have any expectations but shows up.

Best Gift for New Moms Returning to Work

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