What is Genetic Screening and Should You Undergo the Process?

This guest post is an article specially written for by Alison Woods There are always risks to pregnancy and some of them are linked to genetics. Even though birth defects are only found in 1 out of every 33 births, it can be helpful for mothers and mothers-to-be to go through a genetic screening. These …

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5 Great Ways to Tell Your Partner You’re Pregnant

So you have confirmed all of the early pregnancy signs and are ready to share the news. It is time to make a pregnancy announcement and tell your partner that you are pregnant. You might be excited. You may be nervous. Or, you may not know how you feel yet. No matter how you feel …

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New Mom Must Haves (The Short List)

No, You Don’t Need Everything Marketed to You as a New Mom When you are making your baby registry for a baby shower, it is easy to get excited about all the options out there. When you are thinking about making the transition into mom mode, you will see things you HAVE to have. Here …

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regretful black woman crying on floor

Baby with a Birth Defect: Did I Cause This?

What did I do wrong? This is the first thought I had when the doctor came in to tell my husband and I that our second child had a birth defect. (Learn more about the most common birth defects in this post for Zulily.) I remember the doctor coming in after our 20-week anatomy scan …

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The Second Trimester: Exciting Things you MUST Prepare During Pregnancy

Symptoms, Growth, To-Do List During the 2nd Trimester of Pregnancy So you’ve crossed the threshold of the first 13 weeks of pregnancy and entered into the 2nd trimester. Congrats! Maybe now it is feeling real. Hopefully, the nausea and some of the initial symptoms of the first trimester are subsiding. You are feeling more energetic …

The Second Trimester: Exciting Things you MUST Prepare During Pregnancy Read More »

First Trimester: How to Handle it and What To Do

Maybe it was feeling morning sickness or perhaps you missed your period. Maybe you just felt different and thought to take a pregnancy test. No matter how you learned you were pregnant, the realization makes you think about all the things to do in the first trimester. Let’s not forget, all the things to avoid during the first trimester.

Disappointment as a Mom: How Gender, Birth Plans & Health Impacts New Moms

We’re talking about gender disappointment, medical disappointment, and birth disappointment. Maybe it’s just not being ready to be a mom yet. Maybe it’s the disappointment of how something has gone differently than the way you anticipated. The struggle I see here is that we don’t often feel okay to have joy and disappointment coexisting with gratitude. Many new moms have this feeling of grief and disappointment over how something has gone.

Pregnancy Memes: Hilarious Memes New Moms Need in Each Trimester

As you track your pregnancy week by week, you likely know what size fruit your baby is or what should happen on your pregnancy trimester timeline. Sometimes, though, you need a relatable laugh to get you through when the weeks feel like years and the symptoms feel unrelenting. 

New Mom Therapist: Guide to Finding a Maternal Therapist You Can Trust

Having a baby changes many areas of your life- it changes your body, your mind, your energy, your relationships, your work, your identity. In the midst of these big transitions, many women benefit from having an outside perspective from a professional perinatal therapist. However, when you are knee-deep in new motherhood, it can be difficult to know where to turn.

DIY Padsicles for Postpartum Recovery

Postpartum bleeding is normal and most women experience vaginal pain after delivery. Think about it- you removed a human from your body- it’s going to take some time to let that heal! You may experience painful urination after delivery and general pain in that area. This is why padsicles can be such an important part of your postpartum recovery kit, and they are easy to DIY (and cheap!)

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